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What is Efflorescence and How Can I Clean It?

We use premium pavers cleaning agents specifically designed for pavers to avoid damage and remove tough stains and efflorescence.

Just a few days after new pavers installation, many homeowners may notice a white, cloudy, scum overtop the surface of their new paver project. Many customers may assume this is an installation error, but it is actually due to a natural occurrence called efflorescence. Efflorescence occurs in all concrete products, including paver stones. When the cement particles in your pavers hydrate, this causes calcium hydroxide to rise to the top of your pavers. When calcium hydroxide reacts with the oxygen in the air, this creates a white deposit called, calcium carbonate. Because calcium carbonate is water insoluble, this white deposit can become larger and more noticeable as moisture begins to evaporate from your pavers. Over time, paver efflorescence can slowly start to diminish, but the exact amount of time varies and is often difficult to predict.

“We have perfected the most cost effective and efficient, three stage paver restoration system. ”

Because efflorescence can occur quickly after your paver installation, many people are eager to clean and seal their pavers right away. Due to this urgency, many home owners or generic pressure washing companies will try to rinse the efflorescence with water, which actually will result in more damage as the efflorescence is exposed to moisture. The water from the hose will penetrate through pavers’ pores and once again, will resurface and appear on your pavers, even after they have been sealed. Many generic cleaners are also not strong enough to fully remove efflorescence or alternatively, contain harsh chemicals that can cause permanent and irreparable damage to your pavers. In addition, generic pressure washing companies will often use the wrong tools to clean your pavers. In turn, this also creates permanent damage to not only your paver surface, but compromises the overall stability of your paver system due to the removal of joint sand between pavers.

Efflorescence is a natural process that occurs in all concrete products. This often creates a “white haze” on the surface of your pavers.

At Paver Wash, we use special efflorescence cleaners from only the top pavers cleaners manufacturers such as Alliance Gator and BP Pro. Most importantly, we have the experience and knowledge to dilute the cleaners to the exact ratio to fit your specific pavers to avoid damage during application while removing any efflorescence.

We have perfected the most cost effective and efficient, three stage paver restoration system. We go beyond just cleaning the surface of your pavers. We also refill any missing joint sand to ensure optimal system stability and also seal your entire paver system with a high quality, joint stabilizer protective sealer. Why risk your investment trying to remove a natural process? Protect and restore your investment with the professional paver cleaning experts!

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