Is too much polymeric sand bad?

Achieve a Flawless Paver Surface: Tackling the Issue of Excess Polymeric Sand At Paver Wash, we understand the frustrations homeowners […]

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What is the best sealer to seal my pavers?

  One of the number one issues with pavers is not using the right sealer for your pavers. With so […]

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Paver Wash 3 Stage Restoration System – The Most Cost Effective Way

At PaverWash, we have perfected the most cost-effective and efficient way to restore and maintain your pavers to ensure vibrancy, […]

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What is Efflorescence and How Can I Clean It?

Just a few days after new pavers installation, many homeowners may notice a white, cloudy, scum overtop the surface of […]

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Can Anyone Clean and Seal My Pavers

It is always important to finish the paver restoration process with a layer of protective sealer to protect your paver […]

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What kind of joint Sand is Best for my Pavers?

What is Polymeric Sand? Polymeric sand is a mixture of premium sand and polymeric powder and when activated with water, […]

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6 Tips To Avoid Pavers Sealer Disaster

1. Choosing The Right Sealer For Your Project The number one issue when it comes to paver sealer goes wrong […]

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Why Should I Clean, Seal and Maintain My Pavers

Although requiring less maintenance than concrete, you still need to maintain your pavers, despite common misconceptions. Everyday your pavers are […]

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