Why Should I Clean, Seal and Maintain My Pavers

Protect your investment by cleaning, sealing, and restoring your pavers.

Although requiring less maintenance than concrete, you still need to maintain your pavers, despite common misconceptions. Everyday your pavers are exposed to Earth’s natural elements, weather, dirt, dust and traffic, all of which contribute to wear on your pavers. By keeping up with regular maintenance, you are protecting your investment, keeping your system in place and keeping your driveway, patio, pool deck and walkways looking beautiful!

Pavers maintenance goes beyond cleaning just the surface. It is crucial to attend and refill your joint sand and seal your pavers to keep your system in place and prevent joint sand from washing away. Not only does this ensure stability, but by sealing your pavers and filling joint sand, you are also preventing the growth of weeds and moss which can ultimately damage your pavers.

“Pavers maintenance goes beyond cleaning just the surface.”

Moss growth between paver joint
White haze on pavers and overfilled joint sand

Our top of the line, water-based paver sealers are available in a variety of finishes from natural to enhanced or low gloss and high gloss. Not only does sealing your pavers further stabilize your system, it also restores your pavers and brings back color and life, making your home look better than ever! Sealing your pavers will also make daily cleaning and maintenance easier, saving you time and money. Just like a layer of wax on your car, paver sealer helps to repel water, dirt, debris and stops impurities from sticking to your pavers. Although cleaning is just a simple as brushing away dirt and debris, your pavers should be cleaned and sealed every three to five years to ensure best results and optimal stability.

“We go beyond what most generic pressure washing companies can do, simply because we know pavers. ”


PaverWash has perfected the most efficient and cost-effective way to clean, seal and restore your pavers, without wasting your time or money. By using our three-stage system, you are ensuring the best quality and life from your investment.

Our pavers restoration experts are available to help you determine which sealer is best for your project.